Opshop of the week


Today I opshopped a kimono from the local savemart. I have wanted one for ages to use as a summer dressing gown over in Adelaide. How gorgeous is it ! I can imagine myself lounging by the pool drinking wine wearing this ;)


I also recieved a wee pressie from Australia today. A fluffy eared koala! Ray must of slept with it a couple of nights it smells like him and it just about made me cry! He is the sweetest, I honestly can’t wait to see him I feel like I’m going to burst!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their week :)

(Kind of) New sandals

(Kind of) New sandals

Yes I painted my toenails for this picture. No my feet haven’t seen the light of day in months.
These barely worn wee beauties were purchased from my workplace yesterday and I have been prancing around the house wearing them ever since. Note, not outside as it is approximately 6 degrees with horizontal hail like rain. I know everyone isnt as lucky as me to work at preloved designer boutiques but I love the concept of not buying brand new. More and more I am avoiding chain stores and mass produced items and heading for sustainable, home made, preloved, recycled, organic options. While i know this is easier said than done and I do also think I will go back on my word ( I love a cheap purchase more than anyone) I am making a conscious effort to think before I buy. Not just because i prrrrrrooobably shouldn’t be buying because I should be saving, but asking myself if this purchase was ethical for everyone involved.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 14 days till I leave! So much to do!

19 days to go!!


IT STILL DOESN’T FEEL REAL! Next week I will be able to say I’m moving to Australia next week.. if you get what I mean…Its literally 8 degrees in Dunedin at the moment, its freezing.  First I am flying to Brisbane and hanging out with my sister Belinda and staying with her in her hotel room (shes the airline hostess) and then off to Adelaide where Ray will be waiting for me at the Airport! Eek!! I am so excited!!!! By the way how cute is the photo? I can’t wait to have dogs, 2 labrodors please!

ID Fashion Show

Last night I had the privilege of obtaining tickets for the Dunedin ID fashion show from my Aunty and Uncle. With one hour to spare, my sister Belinda and I threw on our best Fashion week outfits and I painted on my darkest lipstick. Then we eagerly joined the thousands of fashionistas filling the Dunedin Railway station to watch the fashion extravaganza unfold.

At fashion shows I liked to be wowed. For a show to make an everlasting impression on me I need to feel shivers down my spine in excitement. I want my heart to race and my head to fill with ideas and possibilities.  This happens when the perfect model, music and clothing combine. I took photos of when this occurred.


nom d

As always I enjoyed Nom D, their consistent moody plaid and draped upside down garments forever tickle me in ways i can’t explain and have me aching for more.




WORLD was visually stunning, This incandescent yellow piece alone was enough for me to throw down my (average) goodie bag and proclaim it my favourite garment of the night. Not exactly daytime wearable but if it WORLD decided to make a some what quieter everyday version I would be sure to snap it up. Even a subtle yellow winged cape would be FABULOUS.


company of strangers




Company of Strangers was another one of my favourite designers last night. They had a gorgeous collection of deliciously ready to wear straight off the runway outfits and their colour palate of mustard and plum where truly inspired. As you can already tell I was drooling over the big.black.hat. By the way, I haven’t mentioned what I wore yet. Can you guess??




In true Eve fashion I wore my favourite hat in the world by Dada, my favourite coat in the world, my Martin Margiela trench and my favourite lippy in the world, Cyber by Mac. Accompanying this was black lace up boots, a black tunic and a paisley tie tied in a bow. Here are a few more pictures from the night!






id 3

This is Tannia Lee my Fashion Stylist friend and her cousin looking gorgeous in vintage, as always.




The whole night was breathtakingly mesmerizing. I will definitely be back next year..wherever I am.

Womens Expo

Womens Expo

This weekend I will be manning a stall at the local womens expo working for my part time, marketing job at Inside Out Clothing. I will be sharing information about the boutique and generally getting the concept of the shop out there and handing out discount vouchers. In this photo I am posing in the store wearing another one of my favourite pieces of clothing. A Martin Margiela black trench coat. This was gifted to me by a close friend and I will treasure it forever.
I am also wearing a sheer black midi dress, black Doc Martens and a black beanie. A moody Dunedin look for a moody Dunedin day!

What is my style?

What is my style?

If i was asked to define my style I really don’t think I could. I’m a Chameleon, changing my style every time I am inspired by something I see, hear or feel. One day I feel like being boho, with long floral maxis, cowboy boots, and flowing kimonos. Other days I dress in black from head to toe. With a dash of leather and bright lipstick. The only real thing these outfits usually have in common are a great hat. A hat has the power to transform an outfit from mediocre to magical. The hat pictured is one I picked up out of a bin at a Savemart just out of town for 50 cents. I wear it at least once a week. I am definitely not a snob when it comes to clothing, or anything really. This hat makes me feel wonderful. And thats really the most important thing, isn’t it.

Today I strolled through the botanical gardens with a good friend, drunk coffee and picked up the latest Fashion Quarterly. It was a good day and I hope everyone is making the most of theirs too.

Swish in the City

Swish in the City

This photo is before the Swish in the City clothes swap I helped out in a few months ago. The whole concept is a pretty awesome idea. People bring in their clothing at a time before the actual clothes swap and the official sorters (myself) decide whether the item of clothing is worth one two or three tokens depending on how good the item is. For instance, a designer item worth $100 or more would be worth 3 tokens, and a chain store item would be worth one token. Customers can then use these tokens to buy clothes when all clothes are sorted and tagged. It was such a fun, positive day and I loved being apart of it. Sustainable fashion is something that I am so absolutely passionate about and the clothes swapping concept is an awesome way of doing this. I brought in a few items of mine and ending up taking away an incredible Ricochet button up maroon open back dress that would have been worth $200 plus.

In the photo I am wearing one of my favourite items of clothing ever, a orange, yellow and green cape I opshopped. I would say this was from around the 60′s and every time I wear it people try buy it off my back. Another reason op shopping is my favourite thing to do in the world. You can find the most incredible one off items. There is really nothing that compares to the rush you feel when you find that something special.
Anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday night, I am at home, blogging, painting my nails grey and sipping on lemon/ginger tea. Doesn’t get much better then that.



Today I will not be posting a picture of myself. This is because I have a great big red pussing pounding sty on my eye. Does anyone know how to get rid of these things? Its miserable. Everytime I bend over to kiss my dog Coco (yes after Coco Chanel OF COURSE) I feel like I am being stabbed in my eye socket. I am currently squinting at my laptop as I have some sort of ointment in my eye and it makes seeing very difficult. So now, I am in bed indulging in my new guilty pleasure. American Horror Story. So sick and twisted and refreshingly scary, Like actually disturbing, Its great, its so hard to find a decent horror!



WOO! My sister Belinda the airline hostess booked my flights this morning (for very cheap!!!)
I will be flying out on the 27th to Brisbane, spending a few days roaming the city with Belinda and then flying to Adelaide on the 29th!! Its so nice not feeling like i’m in Limbo anymore and having a date to work towards! So many emotions going through my head. Its actually happening. Wow.